30 days of baby play : April 30

Yay! This is the final day of baby play! Baby Sunsun is getting a little tired of me interrupting activities to take pictures. And I am happy to say that I finished a month long initiative. Go me!

For the final day of baby play, we had a tea party. With a toy teapot and Baby Sunsun’s favourite dollar store mini red solo cups. 

She is starting to practice imitating just a little bit, so I would pour the “tea” and make sipping sounds with my cup. And she held up her cup and made some version of spitting/sipping from her cup.


Thank you for joining our 30 days of baby play! 

30 days of baby play : April 29

Today I had the brilliant idea that I was going to let Baby Sunsun try smelling different scents. I got out some essential oils; lavender, lemon, orange, oregano, and peppermint.


That’s the last picture I took of this activity. Haha, Baby Sunsun is into grabbing and tasting, not yet smelling. She she happened to grab and taste the oregano… Poor baby! That stuff is spicy! Didn’t bother her though. And she probably just boosted her immune system x10 anyway.

It was worth a try!

30 days of baby play : April 26

I was showing Baby Sunsun a little plastic fish with a tail that “swims” when you put it in water. My niece gave it to us one Christmas to be our pet lol, so cute!

So I filled up a bowl with water and Baby Sunsun went to town trying to catch that fish!

When she caught it, I told her to put it in the water and let it swim. So she dipped it in the water and pulled it back out really quick.