I am pregnant (11 weeks)

Inspired by other pregnancy stories such as Jenna’s Everything Blog,
I’ve decided to start blogging about my life as a pregnant lady.

How far along?  11 weeks as of Sunday Dec 15

How big is the baby? Plum size

Total weight gain/loss?
The lbs come and go. Mostly water retention I’m assuming, but overall no gain yet.

Maternity clothes?
I bought my first maternity sweater today! Its hot pink and it makes me look like a balloon right now but I’m sure I’ll grow into it. Other than that I’ve been wearing most of my regular clothes. A few pairs of jeans have become a liiiittle uncomfortable after dinner.

Yes please! My new bedtime is around 9 pm…10 pm if I can stay standing that long. I feel like everything I do takes 10 times the energy that it used to. I’m hoping this next trimester brings back some energy with it, as I’ve been promised by the mom’s who have gone before me.

Best moment this week?
Rediscovering spaghetti! At some point on Saturday morning after much deliberation over which foods to love/hate this week, I decided to love spaghetti. And loved it I have! Everyday for lunch and twice for dinner as well… And I’m not sorry!

Exhaustion and slooooow digestion. Even fruit sits at the top of my esophagus for an hour like a turkey dinner. But super hungry, and thirsty. Always thirsty.

Food cravings?
Cravings have been changing from week to week. I’m really into spaghetti this week. Last week I had a brief romance with fruit loops…by brief I mean, I ate one box of them in 3 days and told myself it was over. No more!
Consistently I’ve been wanting fruits and lemonade. Always lemonade.

Food aversions?
Fish, perogies, and green beans. My last meal before the nausea kicked in. Hard. Now the nausea is gone but the disgust remains for those top 3 food enemies. Foodemies if you will.

Baby movement? Apparently the baby is doing lots of movement but it will be a couple more weeks until I can feel anything.

Besides my one maternity sweater, my husband bought our first little baby book …ok second to our children’s bible, but we already had that from years of children’s ministry at church… Here’s the first story book we purchased just for Baby Sunsun!

What I miss? Running. Rolling at Jiu Jitsu. Taking off on random adventures such as zip lining without researching whether or not its safe during pregnancy.
Don’t get me wrong; I can do these things again another time. Right now I want to enjoy every minute of being pregnant

What I’m looking forward to?  Hearing baby’s heartbeat at my ultrasound on Monday. Buying cute baby clothes. Decorating the nursery in a bird theme

Friends have been asking if I’m “showing”. Right now I’m mostly showing that I’ve not been running or lifting weights…
Looking forward to my baby bump!

And since I have no preggo pics of me to share this week, I will leave you with:

And just because its beautiful:


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