18 weeks

How far along? 18 weeks! Almost halfway

How big is the baby? Sweet potato size

Total weight gain/loss?
I have been sitting around the same weight as last week until I had dinner at the Mandarin last night with family! Good times, good food and hello stretchy pants.

Maternity clothes?
Same story as the last few weeks. This is pretty much my pants schedule:
Monday- light gray yoga pants
Tuesday- black maternity stretchy pants
Wednesday- dark gray yoga pants
Thursday- second pair of black maternity stretchy pants
Friday – maternity jeans
Saturday and Sunday- combo of fancy maternity jeans, jogging pants, and pajama pants

Starting to get leg cramps as I’m trying to fall asleep but nothing a little stretching or using my foam roller (see exhibit A) can’t help!

      Exhibit A


Best moment this week?
Feeling more baby movements. Its so amazing that a person is growing and moving inside of me!

More round ligament pain, not so bad.
Yesterday, however, I was on my spinning bike. I reached about 25 minutes going at a moderate pace, when I realized my fingers were numb. I figured that was the end of my work out for the day and got up and downed some water. I figure it was low blood pressure and it fixed itself when I got off the bike. Weird though.

Food cravings?
Still yes. My appetite is picking up again and I just want food. Lots of food.

Food aversions?
I am happy to say that I had a small piece of salmon for dinner last night at the Mandarin. It was mixed in with some Chinese noodles but nonetheless I ate salmon. All that’s left on my “NO! List” is perogies.


Bad guys!

Bad Guys!

Yes! I’m am starting to recognize the so called “Bubbles” as kicks. Also, sometimes when I stand up quick, it feels like the baby does not move with me at the same time. If that makes sense… Like my uterus is still in sitting shape, while the rest of my body is in standing shape.

Nothing new

What I miss?
Some of my old pants

What I’m looking forward to?
1. Decorating the nursery in May
2. Summer
3. Finishing the baby registry with Christopher


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