24 weeks

How far along?
24 weeks/6 months There’s no hiding it anymore, not that I was trying to, but I look pregnant in all my clothes!

How big is the baby?
One app says papaya size for the third week in a row… Another says cantaloupe size. I say big enough that I can get winded bending over to put on my snow pants and boots.

Total weight gain/loss?
I would still be in the welterweight division if I were fighting. Baby Sunsun and I weighed in at 165 lbs this morning after an especially large dinner at Boston Pizza last night. Hopefully that’s not permanent because that’s a 4 lb gain this week which might be a bit much! We will see at the end of the week!

Maternity clothes?
All maternity clothes with the exception of a few long tank tops. I also ditched my pajama pants last night to wear maternity tights instead. I think it might be time for some maternity pajamas!

I’ve figured out how to work my body pillow. I apparently didn’t have it positioned right before but now I’m rolling around less at night (as confirmed by Christopher).

Best moment this week?
Ovince St. Preux finishing with an arm triangle counter to a guillotine in UFC 171! So brilliant! But also, finding a flyer in my papers from the midwife, for Lamaze classes. Looking forward to going to those with Christopher.

Lots of heart burn and a new addition, swollen hands when exercising. Swelling went away after I finished, but that was weird.

Food cravings?
I want Sprite. I really want it. And on a few occasions I bought it. Also apple juice is still going strong, as well as lemonade. A new addition to this week: grapefruit. I bought one for everyday of this coming week and I already had one today. I devoured that grapefruit like it was the last one in the world.

Food aversions?
Perogies: No! No! We won’t go!
Cesar salad and eggs: not too happy to see them either. Food aversions are making a come back? I hope not!

So much rolling. I even feel baby moving around when I’m moving now too. Still waiting for Christopher to feel some kicks.

No purchases this week. Stay tuned.

What I miss?
Sad announcement: This week when I went to the gym, I was told by the owner that they could no longer allow me to come to Jiu Jitsu class for the duration of my pregnancy for liability reasons. Waaaaaah! I knew I’d have to go on maternity leave from training BJJ eventually but I expected that it would be on my time and my terms. I know its in my best interest as well but the fact remains, I miss Jiu Jitsu.

What I’m looking forward to?
Preparations! Packing my hospital bag, assembling the nursery, cooking premade freezer meals for after baby comes, finding a pediatrician, etc. Its getting so close! Only 16 weeks to go. Yay!


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