26 weeks

How far along?
26 weeks and 1 day

How big is the baby?
My sources say either a head of lettuce or an eggplant. Who knows?!

Weight class in UFC:
I continue to contend in the welterweight division with the likes of Johnny Hendrix and Robby Lawler.

What I ate this week:
A bowl of yummy yummy cereal and tea for my commute to work.



Spaghetti with meat sauce made with love by my husband. Parmesan cheese on top. Grapefruit for dessert.



Apple and iogo yogurt. Really liking fruit as usual.



Egg salad on an English muffin. Last week I didn’t like eggs, this week I ate them every day!


Uh oh how did this get in here?!


One of my favorite treats. There are some in my purse right now…for now.

Mommy milestones:
I am getting so big, its hard to do simple tasks like putting the bedsheets on the bed, or putting on shoes that are not slip ons. Really looking forward to flats and sandals weather.

Also, while I was at work on Friday, Christopher rearranged the rooms so we now have a bedroom and a nursery! Then we got our baby dressers from my mom and put all our baby stuff in the drawers. I love opening the drawers and looking at the baby stuff. Christopher says it feels so much more real now.

Baby milestones:

Feeling so much kicking! And rolling and punching. This baby knows way too much jiu jitsu already. Should’ve waited until they didn’t reside in my body to teach them martial arts. Too late. Finally Christopher felt some movement and so did my sister, Lydia. That’s 3 people besides me!

What’s left to do?
Dressers are here and arranged in the baby room! Just waiting on the baby shower in 2 weeks to see what else we need to buy and then the nursery will be ready for decorating!
– Prepare birth plan (I am planning to discuss that at my midwife appointment on Wednesday)
– Go for hospital tour ( I am at the hospital right now and thinking about wandering over to the maternity ward while I wait for Christopher’s appointment to finish)
– Register for and attend prenatal classes
– Register for and attend First Aid/CPR level C

Don’t forget to check out our weekly podcast over at mommydaddybabypizza.com


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