32 weeks (and 2 days)

How far along? 32 weeks/ 8 months!

How big is the baby?
4lb and 3 oz according to most recent ultrasound and the size of a squash still according to my [possibly malfunctioning] app.

Weight class in UFC:
I am currently 172 lbs. Up 32lbs in 32 weeks. I would be in the UFC’s middleweight division with Anderson Silva if he decides to return to professional fighting.

What I ate this week:
Cereal for breakfast…yes still mini wheats
Green shake for snack
Lunch is new!
A tasty fennel and quinoa dish with tomato sauce


Snack is a bagel with strawberry cream cheese

And dinner, if I can stay awake that long, is still a pb and banana sandwich

Mommy milestones:
In other news, I had a surprise baby shower at work yesterday!



I was actually surprised! We got clothes, bedding, first aid kit, a cute stuffed lamb, a book, and lots of other things which Christopher and I really appreciate!

My sisters and I started decorating the nursery this weekend but ended up doing more shopping than decorating, so I will post one picture of the toy bins we created, but there will be more pictures to come!


Baby milestones:
Baby Sunsun is getting big! I don’t feel as many punches and kicks as much as rolling and changing positions. I did get some interaction this week; I was poking my stomach and then baby bumped back in the same spot. So I poked again and baby bumped back and we did that for a couple more turns! Awesome!
I still enjoy the feeling of having a baby inside me, as uncomfortable as it is sometimes. I wouldn’t trade this for anything!

What’s left to do?
1. Lamaze is coming up
2. I can hardly wait to finish decorating the nursery but I only have 3 days left of work so I’m going to make it!
3. Finish getting our leftover registry items
4. Nesting and more nesting


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