UFC Press Release – just kidding

In recent UFC news, Ontario-born up and coming fighter Baby S, has challenged Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey



to drop down a few divisions so they can fight. “I’d fight her in my own division at babyweight, but I’m willing to meet in the middle at kindergarten weight,” Baby told Ariel Helwani in a recent interview, “I’ve been training out of P4P with Tash Palacio-Ginn, Chino, Geoff Sharman, O’neil, Trix and my mom. I know I’m ready for this”.


From the young age of  conception, Baby has been training, even unbeknownst to her mom for a few weeks. “Baby had already been rolling at P4P for at least a month before I knew she had been coming with me. I was both surprised and thrilled to see that my unborn baby had already taken an interest in BJJ”, Mrs. Sunthgolam reports.

Baby S jokes, “Before I was even born, my mom had removed all but the triangle shapes from my shape sorter toy, so I would know what was important in life; triangles.”

Besides her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu background, Baby has been working on her striking. While nursing, she has been known to thrown devastating right hooks, knees to the chest, and the occasional open palm strike.


Will the UFC agree to match up Baby and Ronda? Will Miss Rousey be able to make kindergarten weight? Will Baby stand a chance in the ring with the Queen of Armbars? Back to you, Joe.


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