Essential Oils (A guest post)

Today’s post is brought to you by my mom, who has recently started to discover the benefits of essential oils. We both came across them through a friend and my mom has really done her research. I asked her to write about her experience with the oils so far, and here it is.


     Have you ever wondered where your life is taking you?
Do you have a plan to achieve your goals?
I always knew I wanted to help people with their health but did not  have an opportunity to go to medical school.
Then I was introduced to the world of essential oils.

DoTerra Essential Oils are used topically, aromatically as well as being taken internally.
I suffered from sinus issues for 10 years.  Once I started reading up on the oils for sinuses I started to experiment with putting a drop or two of peppermint, lemon, lavender, melalueca and rosemary in an empty capsule for easy internal consumption.
The lavender is nature’s  antihistamine, melalueca is used to clear up any infections. Rosemary is very good for any respiratory issue. Lemon is a detoxifier and peppermint well it just opens up all the passageways. Once every couple of days I take one of these and my breathing is increasingly getting better.

One afternoon I had a friend over who was having a reaction to a bee sting. He had been on anti-inflammatories for 5 days and his leg was still swollen. We applied cinnamon oil for the inflammation and the swelling went down by half, in one hour, as we were visiting.

Wild Orange is a great way to fight depression and anxiety. I gave my friend some wild orange to try with his suicidal daughter and he decided to put a little on a rash he had. Within a day he noticed the rash was getting much better. A few more applications and the rash was totally gone.

Onguard oil is great for killing bacteria. I love the smell of this oil. I put a few drops in a spray bottle of water and use it to clean my kitchen counters. One day I added lemon to it and discovered it cleans mildew from the grout in my shower. The smell also uplifts my moods at the same time and it sure feels good when I stand in the shower cleaning knowing that the cleaner that is being absorbed through my feet is not toxic at all but is actually building up my immune system.

I now feel like I can help others to achieve optimal health in a natural way.
                        It is such a good feeling.

Tina Greer


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