My money saving challenge

So I’ve never really enjoyed dealing with finances. I do what I have to do but I’d rather do other chores like dishes or laundry. Now that I’m at home during the day, I figure I should take on a bit more responsibility in the financial department (of our home).

One thing I’ve been especially interested in lately is couponing, and price matching. I’ve never been one to go looking for coupons, though I’d use the ones that Christopher’s mom would give me once in a while. Since moving to Halifax, however, I find myself in amazement at how much can be spent on groceries! While housing is much cheaper on the East Coast, groceries are most definitely not. So I’ve been looking for every possible way to save on groceries.

1. Flipp
This app, found in the android app store, allows me to view flyers in my area and price match at most stores (that would regularly price match flyers) without having to walk with all my paper flyers.


2. Newspaper Coupon Inserts
In the Halifax newspaper, every few weeks there is a booklet of coupons that I have already cut up and am prepared to sort.


3. Coupon Board at Superstore
While I was at Superstore this morning, I grabbed a few of these beauties off of the coupon board! Next time I’ll see if I can find any tear away coupons in the aisles.


4. Coupons on Cereal Boxes
Christopher and I used to buy cereal and granola bars based on which boxes had free movie passes. We haven’t paid to see a movie in over a year!

5. Online coupons
This morning I had to call Midas to book an oil change. I googled “Midas Oil change coupon” and found this:


Finally, because I enjoy organizing, I got this 13- pocket folder from the dollar store to organize my coupon collection.


What is everyone else doing to save money on groceries and stuff?


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