BBQ Chicken & Taco salad

This weeks easy-peasy meals are brought to you by Baby’s growth spurt and piles of unfolded laundry!

I picked two easy-to-put-together meals this week because, I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen today.

BBQ Chicken

(There is no picture because I’m putting Baby to sleep and Christopher BBQ’d the chicken for me. I haven’t seen it yet. If you want to know what BBQ chicken looks like, Google it.)

I have some frozen veggies and precooked and portioned brown rice in the freezer. Then I throw some chicken breasts marinated in BBQ sauce on the bbq, cut them up and BAM! those meals are ready.

Taco Salad
(I ended up wrapping my salad into a burrito because someone ate all the chips)

I got some beef taco seasoning  and ground beef. Browned the beef with seasoning and a bit of garlic. While that’s browning, rip up some lettuce, chop tomato’s, and grate the cheese. Serve beef over lettuce, cheese, and tomato. Top with sour cream, salsa, and crunched tostitos.

Easy-peasy meals for me!

And now I have time to visit with Baby and educate her on the ways of Christmas!



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