Tamara’s Annual Christmas Party

So I took a little break from blogging last week while I was in Ontario with family over Christmas. But now I have much to share!

For the last three years I have had a Christmas party with my sisters and girlfriends. After last year’s charades got completely out of hand (let’s just say there was fire involved, although no one and nothing was harmed…also let’s say I was the one acting out that scene from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), I decided to change up the games a bit this year.

The first game we played was a series of one on one challenges, in which each team representative has a “Minute to Win it”.

Exhibit A: The Puller Express
Lydia and Julia race to pull a popsicle stick holding 3 smarties to their mouths using yarn, tied to the popsicle stick, and wrapped over their ears.


Exhibit B: Rudolph the balloon head reindeer.
In this challenge, Melody and Kristy raced to blow up enough balloons, to fill a pair of pantyhose, to be worn as antlers. This picture was taken after both challengers had a chance to finish filling their antlers.


Oh Kristy!


Exhibit C: Jingle Butt
Kari and Zuzka played the last challenge by tying a tissue box around each of their waists, each box filled with 5 jingle bells. The object of the game; to empty your tissue box first. Lydia called this game, “Jingle Bell Twerk”.  For obvious reasons, these pictures are blurry.




But the funniest game of the night turned out to be ” Broken Pictionary”; a combination of broken telephone and pictionary. In a group of seven players, seven stacks of seven pieces of paper are handed out.  On the top piece of paper, the player writes a phrase, such as “Rudolph breaks a leg”, or “Santa is stuck halfway down the chimney”. Then everyone passes their papers to the left. The next player reads the phrase they’ve been handed, puts that paper at the bottom of the pile and then draws their interpretation on the next piece if paper. They pass the papers to the left again. The next player looks at the picture, puts it at the bottom, and draws their interpretation on the next piece of paper. The piles of paper get passed around the circle adding a drawing, then phrase, then drawing, then phrase, until each paper pile reaches the original player, who reads the ” story” for everyone to hear/see.

I wish I had the pictures to show! I almost peed my pants. For real. It was so close.

Anyway, that was this years Christmas party. Stay tuned for some changes to the blog coming up.
Also, Baby Sunsun ( baby’s in utero nickname – short for our last name, Sunthgolam) will be showing off her new clothes from our Boxing Day Haul, as well as all her Christmas presents. And I, as always, have a decorating project I am working on!


Goodnight to you from us Sleepyheads.


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