New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again! Actually I’m a little late to the party. But I’ve slowly but surely been planning my new years resolutions. For the past few years my sister and I have gotten together on New Years Day to review the previous year and make our resolutions (or goals). When we were younger, Lydia and I would choose new favourite drinks, foods, colours, movies, and songs on new years. Memories.
So this year, I’m falling behind a bit, but I’m ready to jump in the NYR bandwagon. Side note: while some people are opposed to the Resolution bandwagon, I welcome it with open arms. Maybe it’s the extrovert in me; I enjoy the company. Or maybe it’s the mass hysteria effect while everyone is so motivated to better themselves. Whatever the case, I really enjoy hearing everyone’s New Years Resolutions and planning my own.

Without further ado.

1. Drink more water.
Between breastfeeding and drinking 2-3 cups of tea a day, I get dehydrated easily. I have a 750 ml water bottle and I would like to drink 3 of those a day.

2. Use less sugar in my tea.
In a previous post I went into detail about affinity for tea. I won’t do it again today, but I will say I will use a teaspoon of sugar instead of a tablespoon. That’s living life on the edge for me.

3. Do some kind of exercise everyday.
In the warmer months I would go outside everyday. Walking or running. But when its freezing cold I don’t want to go out unless I have to, especially with Baby Sunsun. But some other things I can do are : weight lifting, walking up and down the stairs in my building, and for some variety, workout videos on youtube. My favorite channel is FitnessBlender. So many videos ranging from 5 minutes to 88 minutes (maybe longer) with weights, without weights, with HIIT, with Pilates, etc. All done by a couple of fitness instructors named Daniel and Kelli.

4. Make time everyday for reading and journalling.
When Baby Sunsun was younger she would feed for 3-4 hours at once, giving me plenty of time to read my bible, do some journalling, watch a whole series on Netflix…
But these days she usually feeds for 10-15 minutes at a time. So I’m trying to give her some active time before bed either on her tummy or in her exersaucer while I read out loud to her. That worked yesterday, we’ll see how it goes today haha!

There you have it. My short and simple goals, which I will refer to as resolutions until mid February, along with everyone else.

Anyone care to share their goals for 2015/ New Years Resolutions?

Also check out our family of Kale shakes.


Baby kale shake, mommy kale shake, and daddy kale shake. One downside of New Years Resolutions is that it becomes harder to get fresh kale. All the bandwagoners snatch it up in January.


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