Finger puppets and Thankful Thaturday

We meet again!
Due to some technical difficulties, I didn’t get to blog this week, but here I am with a combo crafty/thankful post.

After searching Walmart, Target, Nurtured, Amazon, and Ebay for puppets, and coming up with nothing cost effective, or nothing at all in some cases, I took to Pinterest to make my own. I grabbed some felt, craft thread, and large sewing needles, from Walmart, got together with my friend Meghan, and we went to town creating our own finger puppets. We decided to make 5 monkeys each since there are lot’s of finger plays for “5 little monkey’s”. I drew the patterns freehand after looking at pictures.
Here are the finished finger puppets.


And Baby Sunsun laughing at the puppets.


In other mommy accomplishments, I got 3 of these cute little burlap bags from Target, one of which I’m using to keep Baby Sunsun’s living room toys organized. The other 2 are in my drawer until I decide what to do with them. Hi Sophie the Giraffe!


As for Thankful Thursday…or Thankful Thaturday today, I am thankful for my technical producer husband Christopher, who helps keep the blog going. Besides that, he is a great husband and daddy, who selflessly takes care of his family everyday. I love you Christopher!


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