This month in pictures


Good morning. Let me tell you a little story all about February. It’s been a wild ride my friends, I’ve learned to sit up on my own, signal for mom and dad using different consonant and vowel combinations, pick up food and other various items to put in my mouth, went on my second date with “Ro-ro”, and roll around, and around, and around, until i end up on the specific area of carpet that I want to play on. It’s all a game of strategy. But enough about me. Here’s some pictures of and about…oh wait, still me! Muahahaha




A little blurry but still funny. Ro-ro and I at Boston Pizza; he offers me some crackers and I’m like “pffft I don’t like crackers! Haha just kidding, give me those crackers!” Good times were had by all.


IMG_0092(1) IMG_0075 IMG_0080

Here’s some of the work that I’ve been up to. Painting, examining silicone BBQ brushes, building with blocks, and voila! my handprint set in stone. I’ve been on mom to get that done since I was a baby. Geeez. Oh well, it’s done now.


Check this out! Isn’t it pretty? Mommy made these for our guests one night. Fruit tarts, they are called. I’ll tel her to post the recipe later.

Anyway, Happy Valentines month to all of you from all of us!

Love Baby Sunsun



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