Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air.
You may not know this about me but I control the weather. Every year, give or take all those years, I take down my winter decorations at precisely the time that winter weather turns to spring weather. Do I check the weather forecast everyday like a crazy ex girlfriend checks Instagram? That’s neither here nor there. But I will tell you this:

iiiiiiiiit’s Tiiiiiiiiiiiime!!!!!

I am taking down the snowflakes, putting away the cone trees, and even the Merry Christmas door hanger has to go into storage. Adios cold. See you later bathing suit hater. 

Now my debate is, birds and bird houses for spring? Or just go straight to nautical beach house? I live on the Atlantic coast now. Never before have I felt so justified to decorate with a nautical/coastal theme. I think I’ve pretty well made up my mind. Thanks for your help.

Here are some of my ideas compliments of Pinterest.


I like this simple hand drawn pen art on canvas. Our living room could definitely use some art.


Rope in a vase. Never would’ve thought of this! And that wheel on the wall, where do I even find one of those?! Don’t even say it! I know stealing is for bad guys.

Baby Sunsun is awake. Time to go. I’ll keep you updated.


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